Dream, Wild Balloons

You know,

It’s odd, but I was

afraid of everyone before,

as if he may bring danger,

I didn’t want to know his history,

Nor that of his mother, his father,

His wife, girlfriend, boyfriend,

I walked past him on my orbit

But last night I dreamed

People from a distant planet

have come on Slaveykov Square

They speak our language and joyfully

make strange errors

Balgorodie, they say, and other words like that

They like to read directly from

our hearts, “Your suffer is like a white robe and protects

From the evil eye, you, Bulgarians

You’re like waterfalls, unhappy, but proud, indomitable, always

Falling, innocent in the foam, inaccessible and wild

But in giving gentle,

You Bulgarians, said this alien,

Although you believe in miracles

You’re like wild balloons

don’t lose yourself in space, we love you.“

I woke up and wrote WILD BALLOONS



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Dream, Wild Balloons

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