Текстове на Мария Каро, Бети Файон и Мария Добревска.

Common Terms

for the use...

for the use of the internet The Shadowstreetsea website – www.shadowstreetsea.net

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Shadowstreetsea and the users of its website.

When using this website and the services offered by it (providing information and receiving the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter), users and its owner undertake to comply with these General Terms and Conditions, as well as all other conditions available in the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, in the legislation of EU and international legislation, even if they are not mentioned in these General Terms and Conditions.

I. Basics:

Contact details for Shadowstreetsea are:

e-mail betti.fayon@abv.bg

II. Terms used:

1. This internet web site, www.shadowstreetsea.net, is hereinafter referred to as the Site for brevity.

2. User is any natural or legal person who (a) enters the Shadowstreetsea Site, (b) registers through the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter Site offered by Shadowstreetsea. With his actions under point (b), the User falls under the protection of the Consumer Protection Act.

3. The Shadowstreetsea Newsletter is an information tool, with which Shadowstreetsea notifies about its activities those Users who have explicitly subscribed to the list of recipients of the Newsletter by filling out a form on the Site. Shadowstreetsea Newsletter contains textual and visual content related to: (c) publishing events; (d) other activities related to the operation of Shadowstreetsea, incl. changes to these General Terms of Use of the Site.

4. General terms and conditions is this document, which is an “electronic document” in the sense of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.

5. Processing of personal data is any action regarding personal data (collection, recording, organization, storage, modification, consultation, use, provision, deletion, etc.) that the User has provided himself, of his own free will through the registration form in the list of recipients of the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter through this Site.

6. Site Content is any material, be it text, image, audio, video, digital data, etc., that Shadowstreetsea has on the Site to be available online to all users.

III. Subject

1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the terms and conditions for (a) using the Content of this Site; (b) subscribing to and submitting the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter from Shadowstreetsea via the form on this Site.

2. The general terms and conditions reflect and obey all current legal provisions in the Republic of Bulgaria and the legal acts of the European Union in force on the date of interaction between Shadowstreetsea as the owner of the Site and each User of the Site, whether he is a natural or legal person.

3. In the event of changes to the General Terms and Conditions, Shadowstreetsea undertakes to notify the User by publishing the changed text on the Site here.

4. By using the Site, the User accepts these General Terms and Conditions.

IV. Rights and obligations in relation to the Copyright and Related Rights Act

1. The content of the Site, as well as of the submissions after registration through it, the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter is subject to copyright within the meaning of the Copyright Act and its related rights and is the property of Shadowstreetsea and/or the authors of parts expressly named on the Site from the content.

2. It is prohibited for the User to use for commercial purposes or for personal benefit in a tangible and intangible sense part or all of the content of the Site, as well as part or all of the content of the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter, without the express written permission of Shadowstreetsea. Any use of content from the Site of a similar nature and without the prior written consent of Shadowstreetsea will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

3. The User is permitted to use for non-commercial purposes and/or for the benefit of the owner of the Site – e.g. for reviewing or quoting books, for quoting in the volume permitted by ZASP within author’s text, etc. – of parts of the content of the Site (or of the Shadowstreetsea Bulletin) with explicit placement of the following credit: © web space of Maria Dobrevska, www .Shadowstreetsea.net, followed by the date of visit to the Site and the name of the author of the material from the Site, if such is indicated on the Site.

V. Rights and obligations regarding the use of the Site:

1. Signing up for the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter is done by filling out a form, requiring only a valid email address to receive the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter.

2. Shadowstreetsea is not responsible for non-receipt of the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter for which the User has subscribed through the form on this Site as a result of:

(a) incorrectly provided email address of the User;

(b) SPAM filters, etc. in the User’s e-mail, which prevent the receipt of the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter

VI. Rights and obligations regarding personal data:

1. The personal data through which the User undertakes to identify himself in order to use the Bulletin on this Site are those specified in V.1, 2 of these General Terms and Conditions.

2. When handling the User’s personal data, Shadowstreetsea undertakes to follow a strict personal data protection policy in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as in accordance with the current requirements of the legislation of the European Union.

3. The user agrees that the personal data provided by him will be processed and used by representative(s) of Shadowstreetsea for:

(a) information and advertising purposes only regarding Shadowstreetsea products – only if the User has provided his email address to receive the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter.

4. The personal data provided by the User are NOT provided to third parties for advertising purposes.

5. Shadowstreetsea undertakes to treat the processing and storage of the User’s personal data with care in strict compliance with all requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU.

6. The user accepts that in accordance with Art. 34a, paragraph 1 item 3, of the Personal Data Protection Act, the latter can be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

VII. Additional provisions on rights and obligations

1. Regarding the contents offered and presented on this Site: Shadowstreetsea is not responsible for the information contained in those websites to which this Site offers links, as well as for the privacy policy and/or the security and credibility of these websites.

2. Regarding the behavior of the User: The User agrees not to use this Site and the forms available for filling in it to: a) send content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, defamatory, violating the privacy of another legal entity or unacceptable on racial, ethnic, political or other grounds; b) causes harm in any way; c) misrepresents his identity; d) submit content that you are not entitled to transmit by law or as a result of other contractual or confidential relationships; that infringes any patent, commercial, copyright or other proprietary right; e) to send advertising materials, junk mail, etc. similar; f) submit material containing computer viruses or other computer code, files or programs designed to disrupt the operation of computer software and content; g) intentionally or unintentionally violate national or international laws by using the Site.

3. Regarding the version of these General Terms and Conditions: valid and legally binding is the version of these General Terms and Conditions that was available on the Site at the time of sending an order by the User or at the time of its voluntary entry by specifying email address on the Shadowstreetsea Newsletter recipient list.

4. Regarding the applicable law: the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria apply to all issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions. All disputes that Shadowstreetsea and the User cannot resolve by mutual agreement shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian courts.

These Terms and Conditions are effective from the date and time they are posted on the Shadowstreetsea Site