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Tear and Snow / April 5 / SAMCA

poems, Critique and Humanism Publishing, 2023


poems, Critique and Humanism Publishing, 2023


Born of Tear and Snow


In winter, things get snug

the roads narrow and converge

people are hiding in their clothes, showing

only the bare necessities, now an ear, now an eye,

to find their way north and south

In the gardens the snails have slept a 100 year sleep

only here and there the snowdrops gathered in groups laugh

yellow and green tinkle-clang shyly

the petals of their calyxes have the shape of

of snow crystals, of snow

flowers on the windows.


When I was born, my grandmother

gave my mother

a bunch of snowdrops –

grandma standing on the first floor,

looking up at mother, who carries me

in her arms, clutching the bouquet,

as if to keep it.


When Eve was expelled from paradise,

and wanders without hope across the snowy plain,

an angel comes and creates a flower of snow,

and the flower speaks to Eve:

Anything past

returns again. 

Т. Lessing







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