Текстове на Мария Каро, Бети Файон и Мария Добревска.


death loneliness

these are just two...

death loneliness

these are just two words

when you tangle them

they become smitten

become a fat dude with a little

fear in his stomach and nothing more

that’s just the way it is

one day I’m gonna be very very brave

 I’ll walk on rooftops like 

used to happen when I was very little

rooftops sing with their chimneys aren’t you hear

roofs have several languages

when the people in the houses are angry they erupt

but they also happen to be happy then

they lift up and stretch and

pass into the sky hence comes the chimney =

actually the sky it’s many chimneys that have come in

in agreement not to become chimneys again

(don’t think I don’t know this is nonsense)

the best thing about writing poems is this

that you can make sky out of chimneys and vice versa

without having to work very hard

my black sky-pen called




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