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in Kultura from 5.11.2005

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in Kultura from 5.11.2005

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I don’t know whether this can be properly expressed, Marin. I sometimes have a feeling what it is, it is not literature, but art. For instance, these days I often remember the words of one of Beuys students. He taught children in a small German town. 12 years before I had written to him that I didn’t know what art was and I could only feel it, when I went out of Bulgaria. He answered indignantly: „Kunst ist der letzte Bollwerk gegen die Barbarei“ (Art is the last stronghold against barbarianism). A very confident answer. I didn’t understand it at that time, I just remembered it.

Quite recently, my friend and I decided to change the perception of the passers-by climbing the stairs behind Goethe Institute, which lead to the park behind the National Gallery. Too overbold, I should say. If you have noticed, there are remnants of an old socialist advertisement there depicting mothers with baby prams and hurrying clerks; now only their legs remain. We decided to cover the old four canvases with photographs (made of resistant material) of legs climbing the staircase on an autumn day. Here are some of the legs, in one picture there was a leg burning with the flames of the autumn sun, another one showed legs in rhythm… It was our perception of the stairs. And it was our perception of the old socialist advertisement. This was the impact it had on us, so we only wanted to make it visible. Last week, we saw that somebody…, the construction workers at the hotel opposite the Goethe Institute, I believe, have dismounted the old advertisement, probably while installing the fence of the hotel. We were very disappointed. However, its foundations were made of very strong metal pillars and they still stand. We decided that if those were discarded too, we would mount the four photographs on a lighter construction above the pillars.

Also, yesterday, at the Red House, during the Gay and Lesbian Festival, someone had given a bomb warning on the phone and the screenings were suspended. One of the German guests (the German programme was very good), by the way, said: „Nur Mut!” (Just have courage!)…., and then I remembered that sentence by the Beuys’ student and all of a sudden the Red House began looking like a stronghold to me and we were…, whereas art was…, and the media…

I don’t call myself a writer, but an artist. I think that my little story betrays how much my life depends on everything happening around me and at the moment my life as an artist is visualised as a small flag on an imaginary stronghold, I can even see it as a rectangular shape with two vertices, in white and blue marine stripes…


translation Angelina Sekulova


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