Текстове на Мария Каро, Бети Файон и Мария Добревска.

Dream. Wild Baloons

You know, It’s weird, before I...

You know,
It’s weird, before
I was afraid of every man,
Like he was a threat,
I didn’t want to know his story,
Nor that of his mother, of his father,
His wife, girlfriend, boyfriend,
I passed him by in my orbit
But last night I dreamt
That they had come to Slaveykov Square
People from a distant planet,
speaking our language joyfully and
Making strange mistakes,
“Balgorodie,” they say, “and other such words
They like to read straight from
Our hearts, your suffering is like a white robe and protects
Protects against stunting, you Bulgarians
Are like waterfalls, discontented but proud, indomitable, always
Falling, innocent in your foam, inaccessible and wild,
But kind in surrender,
You Bulgarians, this foreigner told me,
Though you believe in miracles
You are like wild balloons,
Don’t lose yourselves in the vast, we love you.
I woke up and wrote down WILD BALLOONS


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